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hunter Lyrics (Obommofo) (feat. Kwesi Taadi) Sobolo Geng

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Sobolo geng – Hunter Lyrics

Heey daa we keep it silence but we up to something

Tell em say we no dey mouth we dey do action

2am on the street we dey do hunting

Heey yaaa

Omo you no dey see what adey see wonte ase kraa why we dey speed yeka y’asem kyere obiara firise yen susuys hye yen tirimu

Firise ¿tuo mu sum

Hey obommofoo obommofoo

Suro nipa abommofoo

Ma sfie aduane nye wo de 000

Firise tuo mu sum hey tuo mu sum hey

Aah bommofos

Suro nipa abommofos

Me yskom nu kyere se me ye lukayata

I be street boy abi fighter

Fiti wayback Menda da

Dem dey hate on the low but me hu obiaa

Ma nya me cannabis then I spliff it

Nipa trimu ye sum fear them

Tints ti tints ti me ne mandem

YE nom nsa na yeta adwen

Wotow me tuo a ego turn back

Thunder strike in your head back

Me yonko paa you dey do me bad

Kae se life is a karma

Yeee abommofos onipa abommofos a gyae mendi me lane mu gyae mendi me lane mu ayaa

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