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Checkout best amapiano songs so far 2023 – You won’t believe

The first half of 2023 has passed quickly and we are nearing the final quarters of the year now, but not before a few of the most renowned producers in Amapiano released full-length albums that ranged from dark and bassy to balmy, lively, and cheerful.

Notably, it is quite evident that the sound that does not have a specific theme yet is still popular, as evidenced by the ongoing discussion of whether or not sounds produced by musicians outside of South Africa qualify as Amapiano – with people from all over the continent crediting its creators and savouring this intriguingly lovely sound.

Nonetheless, we have highlighted 10 Amapiano tracks that stood out throughout the continent this year, 2023, check them out below;

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Mnike – Tyler ICU ft. Tumelo za, Nandipha808 & Ceeka RSA

“Mnike” is a viral tune, song by South African music producer Tyler ICU, where he features the great musicians – Tumelo za, Nandipha808, and Ceeka RSA. The song is a synthesis of diverse South African musical genres, displaying Tyler ICU’s expert production and each featured artist’s distinctive vocal range.

The song, “Mnike”, which translates to “Give Me” in Zulu, is vivacious and upbeat and combines traditional African rhythms with contemporary electronic beats – and with these profound elements, the Amapiano tune is going on to be one of the best Amapiano songs released this year, 2023. The powerful sound produced by Tyler ICU’s use of bold, catchy tunes and sharp percussion is likely to get listeners moving. Remarkably, each of the vocalists – Tumelo za, Nandipha808, and Ceeka RSA – brings their own distinctive singing style to the song, giving it more personality and depth.

Yahyuppiyah – Uncle Waffles ft. Pcee, EeQue, Chley, Tony Duardo, Justin99

Uncle Waffles’ new catchy song, “Yahyuppiyah”, featuring Pcee, EeQue, Chley, Tony Duardo, and Justin99, has been on a viral wave as the tune enthralls the audience. Plus, “Yahyuppiyah” is regarded as one of the fans` favorite songs from her new debut album, “Asylum,” which was recorded and published in 2023.

After a few successful releases, Uncle Waffles put out her first studio album, “Asylum” earlier this year. Through KO-SIGN PTY Ltd and distribution by Encore Recordings, the new project was made available. Notably, the song “Yahyuppiyah” is the second and one of the most entertaining tracks from the album and is gunning for the best Amapiano song released in 2023, be Rest assured that this beautiful song will have you pressing the replay button repeatedly.

UNAVAILABLE – Davido ft Musa Keys

With his danceable Amapiano song, Unavailable, featuring diligent South African musician Musa Keys, famous Nigerian Afro-fusion music sensation, Davido, has been able to make his audience ecstatic since its release earlier this year. Unavailable, which was released in the year 2023, was track number five of Davido’s most recent studio album, titled “Timeless” – where Magic Sticks handled its notable production.

David Adedeji Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, has successfully carved out a distinctive personality for himself by occupying a certain market niche. The vocalist is an expert in his own profession and always delivers when asked to perform in different musical genres. Davido has arguably released the song of the summer as well as one of the finest Amapiano tunes that has graced this noteworthy year, 2023.

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Hamba Juba – Lady Amar ft. JL SA & Cici & Murumba Pitch

After a brief hiatus from the music arena, versatile South African hit-maker Lady Amar is back with another electrifying record to give fans this intriguing tune titled “Hamba Juba” featuring JL SA and Cici & Murumba Pitch. And, for sure, this tune has gone ahead to be one of the biggest Amapiano tunes rocking the music scene.

Remarkably, one of the single’s most stunning highlights is the magnificent verse delivered by the JL SA and Cici & Murumba Pitch collaboration, which will leave fans in awe. Given the captivating lyrics and vintage instrumental beat that were employed in the creation, Hamba Juba by Lady Amar, which was delivered in the year 2023, has the potential to be a smash that will blow up throughout this season.

Abo Mvelo – Daliwonga ft MJ, Mellow, Sleazy

This song, titled Abo Mvelo, was released by Daliwonga in collaboration with MJ, Mellow, and Sleazy. Notably, this is one of Daliwonga’s 2022 songs for the enjoyable listening pleasure of his music audience out there is the song Abo Mvelo, in which he features MJ, Mellow & Sleazy. The song is still doing wonders and going viral in the music scene this year, 2023.

Together with MJ, Mellow, & Sleazy, Daliwonga utterly lit up the music world with the song, Abo Mvelo – with their flawless vocals, showcasing their vocal power. You can take a moment to listen to this beautiful song, Abo Mvelo, and spread the word to other music lovers. Furthermore, this compilation is a follow-up to his album Chameleon, which features seventeen outstanding euphonies and is thoroughly prepared.

Notably, Daliwonga, who is a musician born in Soweto, originally gained notoriety with the song “Friends With Benefits” by Luu Nineleven. Since since, his silky vocals have been included in innumerable amapiano anthems.

Selema (Po Po) Remix – Musa Keys ft. Loui & Victony

With the remix of his 2021 hit song “Selema (Po Po)” with LOUI and brilliant Nigerian singer-songwriter, Victony, incredible South African musician Musa Keys comes through with another viral hit. One of the current street-trending amapiano tunes, Selema (Po Po), will undoubtedly get you dancing.

Musa Keys, a young and aspirational South African musician, releases the remix of his popular song Selema (Po Po), in which he enlists the help of Loui and Victony, a talented musician from Nigeria. The delivery of this great tune took place in the year 2022 and in the year, 2023, the song still stands as one of the best Amapiano songs to rock the music scene. Everyone should listen to Selema (Po Po) Remix, an Amapiano tune with a beat that gets you moving and ready to work out on the dance floor. All of the artists involved in this remix showed off their diversity, which will please their followers.

Ojapiano by kcee

Kcee, a gifted singer-songwriter from Nigeria, really made an impressive new tune called “Ojapiano” available this year, 2023. This year’s most recent release follows a succession of earlier tracks that have earned positive reviews from both reviewers and fans.

With “Ojapiano,” Kcee displays his own style and vocal skills while delivering a well-enchanted tune that is guaranteed to captivate listeners. “Ojapiano” has an “Amapiano”-like feel with a hint of local flute. The song is evidence of his artistic diversity and his capacity to produce music that connects with listeners of all musical tastes. The excellent production of “Ojapiano” is a result of the accomplished music producer Jaysynths. Kcee’s vocals and the music combine to create a seamless sound that is both memorable and catchy. The beat is contagious.

Ka Valunga – Tebza De DJ ft. DJ Nomza The King

Tebza De DJ, a well-known singer-songwriter in South Africa, just released the song “Ka Valungu” as a new single. You should add the great record “Ka Valungu” to your playlist. But it serves as Tebza De DJ’s most recent hit for 2023. Additionally, DJ Nomza The King, an award-winning musician, contributed an incredible verse to the outstanding tune.

“Ka Valungu” was co-written by DJ Tebza De DJ and DJ Nomza The King, two incredible South African musicians. The song is a great example of contemporary Amapiano music, and the vocals are catchy. As you listen, you’ll see that “Ka Valungu” is a highly stimulating piece that combines traditional African sounds with modern electronic elements. Tebza De DJ creates a musical ambiance that is full of energetic percussion, funky basslines, and melodic synths, demonstrating his skilled producing skills.

Notably, DJ Nomza The King’s passionate delivery elevates this song and turns it into a party hymn, making it even more exciting. With its infectious energy and alluring groove, “Ka Valungu” is a testament to the talent and creativity of these two musicians.

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